“Together we can make a difference”

“Change will happen,

because we are working together.”

The Learning Disability Partnership Board brings together lots

of different people:  

Social Services, health services, people with learning disabilities, family carers, people from housing, education and

other organisations.  They are all working together to make sure that things get better for people with learning disabilities in Poole.

The Partnership Board meets every two months to talk about the

big issues.  We also have four action groups that meet to talk about the everyday issues.  These action groups are:

1. Where I live

2. Carers

3. Keeping Safe

4. Health

change will happen, because we are working together action group

Our Partnership Board was set up, because of “Valuing People”.

Valuing People is the government's plan for making better lives for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers.  

Valuing People

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The Big Plan 2017-2020 is being planned at the moment. It explains how Bournemouth and Poole will work together to provide health and social care service for adults with learning disabilities from 2017-2020. The councils are hoping to sign this off by the summer.

Visit the Borough of Poole web site for further details.


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Next meeting dates

Please contact Amanda Wheeler at the Borough of Poole for full details of the time and place of

these meetings.

next meeting dates

Visit the Borough of Poole web site for full details of the Learning Disability Partnership Board.

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The Partnership Board/Action Group Co-chairs

Shaun Hayward

Lisa Selby

Please click on the link for the latest Poole Learning Disability Partnership Board Newsletter

Alison Bale

Alex Ridealgh

John Lyle

Robert Stevens

We are also working on projects in separate focus groups called “task and finish” groups.