Quality Checkers

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Quality Checkers check services are doing a good job at supporting people with learning disabilities by using their own experiences.

Please look at our reports from Barnabas, Diverse Abilities, Strictly Vitality , ‘B’ Creative  Out And About Dorset Ltd and Just4U an independent day opportunity.

Below is some feedback we have received following one of our visits:

“Many thanks for sending us the Quality Check report from your visit - the report is great and very thorough and is very much appreciated”.

“You are a star! Thank you so much for accepting our feedback - the revised comments are perfect. You have been very supportive and professional throughout the whole process, making it very easy and a pleasure to complete.  We all had so much fun together with you all on that day and it was a pleasure to have you all with us. Kevin and Lisa are so lovely - I wish we could have kept them forever!

We really appreciate your amendments because a lot of the time with some of these type of things you don't even get an opportunity for any feedback at all and everything is written in stone.  Your system is far fairer and involves everyone in the process”.

Meet ‘The team’ at Poole Forum:

Quality Checkers

Know what it is like to live with a learning disability

Understand from their own experience of using services what is good and what could be better

Know what it is like to struggle and not be able to have their own rights, be treated as an equal or have control of their own lives

Speak up about their experience and want to make things better for people who have learning disabilities who find it difficult to speak up for themselves

Why should you have a check?

Quality checks are a helping hand to services who want to make sure they get it right for people with learning disabilities.

Quality checks are seen as best practice and a transparent way of making sure that people with learning disabilities have a real say in your services.

Call us to find out more, Poole Forum staff are very happy to answer any questions you have about quality checking.

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