At Poole Forum we believe that everyone should be treated the same.

This is our Bill Of Rights

The right to feel safe when going out

 - from strangers, from burglars and from bullying

The right to feel safe in our own homes

- to learn how to be safe in our home

 - to feel safe from staff

 - to be able to report staff when they are mean

The right to support when and if I need it

- to choose our own carers and to choose how we    are supported

- to respectful ‘give and take’ between carers and    service users

The right to relationships

- to learn about friendships

- to marriage

- to engagements

- to sex education

- to choose when to have a relationship or not

The right to independence

- to make decisions

- to go out

- to take care of our own stuff

- to run our own business

- to choose what to do

- to come and go when we want

- to be the boss of our own life

- to control our own money

- to a job

Please respect our rights

~ they are no more than anyone else expects ~

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Our Bill Of Rights

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In 2004 members of Bournemouth People First, Poole Forum and People First Dorset wrote their own Bill Of Rights without staff, but facilitated by author and speaker Dave Hingsburger.

In 2011 we updated and added to the Bill Of Rights.  

We feel the message should be spread to as many people as possible.

Click here to learn about our Bill Of Rights Charter and how you can support it. See who has already signed up to our Bill Of Rights Charter by clicking here.

The right to live where we want to live

- to live where we want to

- to live with who we want to

- to make choices in the home and elsewhere

The right to freedom of speech

 - to be the boss of our own life

- to make decisions

- to choose what to do


The right to good health care

- to confidentiality around health issues

  (patient - doctor)

- to make decisions

- to choose what to do

 - to plain language with pictures

The right to have our voice heard by the Government about

 - day services

- good health care

- living where we want to

 - jobs

The right to say NO!

- to bullying

- to drugs or drink

- to strangers

- to parents

- to staff

The right to confidentiality

- when making a report it won’t come back on us

- we decide who sees our life plan

- around health issues (patient - doctor)

The right to communicate

 - to use the latest technology (e.g iPads)

- to alternative communication

- to plain language with pictures

The right to have feelings

- to grief

- to get angry

The right to adulthood

- to make our own decisions

- to get married

- to have children

- to have sex

- to birth control

- to vote

- to have a drink

The right to use public facilities

- swimming pools

- libraries etc

The right to transport

- to accessible transport

- To learn to drive

    Click here for a copy of our Bill Of Rights