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This is an interactive film made in Poole with and for people with learning disabilities. See It My Way – Relationships is about friendships and relationships.  It is both empowering and personal.

See It My Way – Relationships follows 9 main characters, each of whom has a learning disability. There are 5 themed storylines, each about a different aspect of relationships. These include asking someone out on a date, deciding to take the relationship further and the trauma of being abused.

The film uses cutting edge technology to allow the viewer to control the outcome of each storyline.

Supported by an imaginative and stimulating information pack, See It My Way has been described as ‘inspirational’ and ‘absolutely fantastic!’ The film encourages debate, discussion and collaboration and its interactive nature rewards multiple viewings.

The accompanying easy read information pack is of particular benefit to groups.  Used as a starting point for discussion, it will stimulate, encourage participation, educate and inform as well as enabling people to relate the stories to their own experiences.

The DVD, information pack and resource CD of additional material, including the bonus ‘Relationship Snakes and Ladders’ game, can all be purchased separately.

See It My Way was produced as a collaboration between:


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